DIMULTI Re-opens Its SNI Certification Services

Dear Customers and Friends,

Hope you are surrounded by happiness as always.

First thing first, let us thank you for your trust and cooperativeness in using our services. This is such a pleasure for us to be able to have such a strong and healthy relationship with you as clients as well as friends. And to grow this relationship even stronger, we always tend to develop and improve our quality of services. So at the end of the day, together we can support you in accessing global market, particularly for Indonesian one.

Second, we’re writing here due to the newest announcement in our blog about the opening of our new branch of services, which is the service to help you obtaining SNI certification (please refer to this link). Well, we can say that this branch of services is actually not quite new because previously, we have ran in this business for quite long time. But, due to the several reasons, we stop this service in July 2016. See our announcement about this SNI Certification Service abolishment in this page.

Dimulti Opens SNI Certification Service

In this second quarter of 2017, with the new commitment and new spirit, we tend to re-open this branch of services again to serve you in obtaining SNI certification in the simplest and fastest way possible. The idea behind our action to re-open this service is the massive growth of the industry, especially in Indonesia. It’s a common belief that this country has turned to be one of the biggest investment targets in the world. We can see this from the number of industries which is getting higher and higher by day.

As the massive growth of the industry, there is a consequence that we need to bear with. It is to give insurance to consumers. And this is where we need safety or SNI certification. It is to give the quality insurance to the consumers, and to increase product competitiveness as well. And started from this idea, we are committed to help manufacturers, importers, distributor, or other entities to obtain SNI certification so that their product can be distributed well in Indonesia.

Our service is not limited by the kinds of product. We’re ready to assist you certifying various kinds of products such as mining industry products, food industry products, cable and wire industry products, metal industry products, home appliances products, toys, electronic, and other kinds of products under the category of SNI. So, if you have any inquiry regarding to SNI certification, contacting our contact window will be the best thing to do.

Finally, that’s all we need to announce. We hope that this announcement will be helpful information to help you finding the best partner to certify your product. So together, we can protect consumers by giving them insurance, and open Indonesian market access in the safest and legal way possible. Thank you.

Best Regards!