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Jl. H. M. Tohir Jl. Margonda No.15, Pondok Cina, Kecamatan Beji, Depok, Jawa Barat 16424 – Indonesia

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval??

Requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval are divided into 3; Technical Documents requirements, Application Documents Requirements, and Sample Requirements. Read more

How long is the lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification?

Our standard lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval is 7 weeks if application is proceeded since the very beginning (from testing). While for paperwork application, we needs around 5 working days until certificate issuance. Read more

Who should be Applicant on Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification, manufacturer or Importer??

In regard to applicant, it’s already confirmed on Communication and Informatics Ministry Regulation Number 7 year of 2018 that the Applicant on Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification have to be local company. Local company here can be defined as manufacturer, local distributor, local importer, or local representative of the company that’s officially registered in Indonesia. Read more

How long is the validity of Indonesia SDPPI Type Approval Certification?

Referring to the regulation regulation Number 7 year of 2018 section 70, it’s confirmed that there will be no renewal process. But, if after three years of certificate issuance the product is still manufactured, assembled, imported, or traded in and to territory of Republic of Indonesia, applicant needs to re-certify the product again. Read More