Dimulti SNI Certification Service Discharge

Dear Valued Customer and Friends

How are you doing? We hope you are doing alright.

Firstly, we are glad to know that we still have a great deal of relationship, not only as business partner, but also as friends, and even family. We are also happy to know that several changes that has been applied recently don’t give bad impact on our partnership. And we hope that this thing will motivate us to keep moving forward to bring the better quality of services.

Secondly, we would like to inform you about the crucial change in our company. We hope this change can be a good consideration for you in using our services. As we know, PT. DIMULTI PILAR NARMADI has run in several aspects of business, especially in product compliance sector. Since 2008, we have offered our customer with the big deal of services in making product approval certification. Not only for Indonesian SDPPI Type Approval, but we also offer our customers with the SNI certification services.

But, due to several reasons that we can’t explain here, we are so sorry to announce you that since today, July 26th 2016, we decided to stop in offering the services for SNI certification for the unspecified time limit. And we will certainly let you know when we reopen this service again.Further, by this decision, we want to focus on improving our services in helping manufacturers, distributors, importers, and other labs in making SDPPI Type Approval certification for their RF product. We hope it will bring goodness for both customers as well as our company.

Finally, that’s all we need to announce. May this announcement will always be a concern, and we hope we can make a better partnership in the future. Thank you.