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SDPPI Certification Knowledge Base
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SDPPI Approval Certification Knowledge Based

  1. What are the requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval?
  2. Who should be Applicant on Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification, manufacturer or Importer?
  3. Is testing on Indonesia SDPPI Approval Mandatory?
  4. Sample requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification
  5. Conditions when paperwork application is allowable in Indonesia SDPPI Approval?
  6.  How long is the lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification?
  7.  How long is the validity of Indonesia SDPPI Type Approval Certification?
  8. What are the requirements of Indonesia SDPPI Approval Label?
  9. What are the local regulation reference of SDPPI certification and what are the local standards?