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Indonesia SDPPI Approval and SNI Certification Services

We are happy to assist you for obtaining Indonesia SDPPI type approval and SNI certification.

SDPPI Approval & SNI Certification

Better Customer Support is one of our target, Dimulti knowledge base can help customers the answers they need and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Easy Communication

Our staffs are trained to be a effective communicator. We explain things in simple and and easy language. It all is aimed to help you understanding things easier to see the problem in more holistic point of views.

Fast Response

How fast an action is taken depends on how fast the feedback is delivered. So, in order to catch up with timing, we’ll start to deliver fastest response possible.

Reasonable Price

Cheaper price can not to secure quality, that’s a sad & inevitable truth. Starting from that, our company prefer to apply reasonable pricing. “You get what you paid for”.