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About Us

Founded in 10th April 2008, Dimulti services have been specifically designed to support manufactures, Importers, Distributors, test laboratories and other consultants who are seeking type approval certification for telecommunications equipment and other ITE products in Indonesia.

A few years was experienced, we have been closing hundreds of approved products without significant problems. All of products already approved by SDPPI (Indonesia’s Authority)

The following table are some examples of product names with the technology that we’ve handled quickly and appropriately, these products from well-known brands and companies from various countries in the world.

About type approval indonesia

About Technology

TechnologyExample of Products Names
WLAN 802.11 abgWireless Router
Tablet PC
Portable Computer
Fax Machine
WLAN Modules
BluetoothCar Audio
Bluetooth Keyboard
Bletooth Headset
Wireless Speaker
Personal Navigation System
Bluetooth Modules
13.56 MHz and
923 – 925 MHz
RFID Reader
RFID Module
SRD (Low Power Devices)
0.009 – 0.450 MHz
0.450 – 1.705 MHz
1.705 – 13.567 MHz
13.567 – 30.0 MHz
30 – 88 MHz
88 – 216 MHz
216 – 960 MHz
960 MHz

*Error frequency shall be below 50 kHz.

*Use of power booster (integrated into SRD devices) isn’t permitted

*Receiver sensitivity shall be below -113 dBm

*The Transmission power shall be below 10mW (ERP)
– Alarms
– Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems
– Identification Systems
– Radio Detection
– Vehicle Radar Systems
– Wireless Local Area Networks
– Remote Controls
– Telecommand
– Telemetry
– On-site Paging Systems
– Cordless Keyboard
– Vehicle Keyless Entry
– SRD Module
Other Non-specific Short Range Devices


LTE TDD Band 40
All in One PC
Mobile Computer

About Team

Eko Prasetyo

Project Manager

Rachmadh Dwi Rinanto

Project Handler

Rizza Asyhari



Document Coordinator

Bambang Sugiharto

Engineering Support


Engineering Support

Kamaludin Saputro