Dimulti Opens New Branch of Services for SNI Certification

Dimulti Opens New Branch of Services for SNI Certification

For the record, “DIMULTI PILAR NARMADI, PT.”, or popularly known as “Dimulti”, was established on April 2008 as “CV. Dimulti”. Then on 2016, based on the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Right (MENKUMHAM) decree with the series numbers AHU/0011199.AH.01.11.TAHUN 2016, the company status was officially changed from CV (commanditaire vennootschap) to PT (Perseroan Terbatas).  As a result, the company name was also changed from “CV. Dimulti” to “Dimulti Pilar Narmadi, PT.”.

Since the early time of its establishment, Dimulti has been focusing its business on providing services for manufacturers, distributors, importers, or other entities, to obtain SDPPI Type Approval certification for their products. But, In order to be complied with recent business atmosphere, the company keeps expanding its business by opening some other divisions. Started by “Dimulti Pool” and “Dimulti Media” in 2015, now Dimulti announces its new branch of services in assisting industries to obtain Safety Certification (SNI) for Indonesian Market.

Dimulti Opens New Branch of Services for SNI Certification

It is such a common sense that Indonesia is a big player in world industrial sector. This country is the home of large scale of industries including Food industry, chemicals industry, metal industry, clothes, rubber, plastic, electronics, textile, and so far and so on.

Based on the record, the number of investment flows to the country reached 151.6 trillion rupiahs by the second quarter of 2016. This number is still estimated to increase significantly by years ahead remembering that Indonesia is one of world popular investment targets. Moreover, there are several big scale projects run by either government or private institutions around the nation, which has big potentials to supply even more investment.

Dimulti Helps Cable and Wire Industry to get UL certification to open the possibility of accessing Global market (click here for the link)

Getting back to the main topic, these existing industries are not only aimed for local market, but also for international market as well. Thousands and thousands products from various ranges are produced here to fulfill the global market needs. And what we need to take a note from this phenomenon is that these products, should not only bring benefits for the company, but should also bring more benefits for the customers as well. However, customers need warranty, and customers need assurance of the product that they are spending their money on. And here, we’re going to talk especially what feedback that should be obtain by the customers, especially in the safety aspect.

Dimulti Opens New Branch of Services for SNI Certification

Safety is an importance aspects for customers to make sure that the product they are buying is really safe and away from any harmful effect. This is where manufacturer needs to do safety certification for the products they are selling. And in Indonesia, this safety certification is supervised under the Indonesian ministry of industry with the regulation refers to “Peraturan Pemerintah No. 102 Tahun 2000” about National Standardization (attach below).


Based on the words number 18 (Pasal 18) of the regulation, stated that it is prohibited for businessman to produce or distribute goods and services, which are not complied with the National Standard of Indonesia that already applied mandatorily. So, if your products falls into the SNI category, it will be mandatory for you to obtain SNI certification first before send them to the Indonesian market. And to help you decide whether your products are falling into SNI category or not, here we enclose the list of products under the SNI category.


Seeing the high range of products that falls into the SNI category, and how important this certification is, since this April, Dimulti commit to open its new Branch of services. With the long experience in obtaining Consulting and Certification sector, now our resources are ready to assist you as manufacturer, distributors, importers, and other entities to obtain SNI certification for your products. Our service is opened for both local and overseas company who want to access Indonesian market by obtaining SNI certification in the legal and quickest way possible.

Dimulti Opens New Branch of Services for SNI Certification

That’s all we need to announce. Hopefully, this announcement will be a good news for you as Industrial people to get the fast and legal way in obtaining SNI certification for your products. Whenever you have inquiry for SNI certification, all you need to do is putting our contact window on a call, and we’ll be ready to help you dealing with existing standard.

Thank you.

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