labelBased on our government regulation No. 18 TAHUN 2014, about Certification of telecommunication devices/equipment.

  1. Certificate holder are required to attached label to each equipment covered the certificate, on their own effort within 60 days after certificate issued
  2. The label has to contained the number of certificate and the identity number (PLG.ID) based on Certification Institution data base
  3. The size of the label is depend on the size of equipment and it has to be able to see by bare eyes
  4. In any case that the equipment is not possible to affix the label, the appearance of label in the package or in manual book of the equipment
  5. If there are any changes of the telecommunication equipment or the certificate holder addresses, the certificate holder are obligate

You could download this note in pdf version, and this file already covert both language (Bahasa and English) ⇒ LABEL, OBLIGATION of SDPPI Approval Holder