Sample Requirements for Mobile Phone, Wlan, Bluetooth

We would like to share information about sample requirements especially for Mobile phone, WLAN and Bluetooth when we will submit samples to SDPPI lab for testing in the process of getting SDPPI approvals.

SDPPI New regulation said that SDPPI required 2 units sample for CPE categories and 1 units sample non CPE for testing need including supporting equipment of each units, written on Article 13, paragraph 1, #related to this regulation.

we would like to remind you that we have to provide 2 units sample for conducted mode for mobile phone, smart phone, mobile computer (which has cellular technology).

Every applicant before entering the test sample asked to provide sample of mobile phone which has an RF test point.

And we have to provide RF connector and cable with following specification:


  • Length approximately 10 cm
  • Types of High RF > 1 GHz


  • Type SMA connector (male)

RF Connector image

This sample requirements has been running couple years ago.

Today [11-14-2014], SDPPI lab adding special requirement, They announced that all of WLAN and Bluetooth sample should be test for conducted mode too.

We have to provide samples with RF cable, RF test point and the RF test mode (Software) to avoid interference with other devices.
WLAN+BT_Conducted samples

This notice already published and signed by Head of SDPPI Lab on November 14, 2014.


  • Especially for the mobile telephone, handheld computers, and tablet computers are required to attach a copy of the official letter from the authorities (or other similar institution) that lists the international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) for GSM, and mobile equipment identifier (MEID) for CDMA, written on Article 6, paragraph 3,
  • And and we have to provide 2 units of conducted samples for mobile telephone, handheld computers, and tablet computers, WLAN and Bluetooth for testing purpose.

Feel free to contact us, for more detail information