News Rules for Testing at SDPPI Lab

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to inform new new rules for testing process. SDPPI lab just issued the new rules yesterday February 16, 2015. The new rules was signed by Head of SDPPI Lab.

Some of important point of new rules for testing telecommunication devices at SDPPI Lab as explained on the general requirement below:

General Requirements:

  • 1.1 Every applicants who has made the payment (test cost) and delivery of sample for testing / calibration shall be subject to the new rules
  • 1.2 The test results are not in accordance with the technical reference (Indonesia’s standard), will not given the opportunity to repair / modify, further recapitulation of Test Results (RHU) / calibration is the final result.
  • 1.3 Hours of service (in SDPPI Lab), to collect and delivery samples and the queue number for testing is  08: 00 – 13: 00
  • 1.4 Taking place for the queue number for testing at the counter
  • 1.5 Services performed would be based on the queue number
  • 1.6 Dialling queue number would be performed by three (3) times. If the applicant does not exist, the applicant must be take a new queue number.
  • 1.7 Testing or calibrations performed by Balai Besar Pengujian Perangkat Telekomunikasi (BBPPT) (SDPPI lab) maximum 17 (seventeen) working days.

These general requirements above would be affective after this new rules already signed by head of SDPPI Lab – Indonesia (February 16, 2015)

Short conclusion:

we do not have a chance to modify / repair of samples, SDPPI lab will issued the result based on the result in testing process and the test result would be sent by them to Evaluation team.

The official notice of the new rules for testing process at SDPPI lab as below:

Official notices by SDPPI lab image
New rule_SDPPI Lab image
General requirement image

Feel free to contact us for detail information about this notice.