New SDPPI-Accredited Lab List and Paperwork Acceptance for Non-HKT Products

Dear Customers and Friends,

It’s a good news again from SDPPI that on Friday, July 19th 2019, there’s new regulation issued, which is KEPDIRJEN SDPPI Number 159 of 2019. This new regulation is concerning about foreign testing laboratories as well as paperwork acceptance for non-HKT devices (Mobile phone, Handheld Computer, and Tablet).

There are 5 main important points to be considered on this new regulation.

  1. With this newly-issued regulation, Authority declared that international Laboratories listed on the attachment of this regulation are recognized to issue test report for non HKT products.
  2. As a result of point number 1, test reports issued by these recognized foreign laboratories are accepted to fulfill the requirements of getting SDPPI certification, or simply speaking; the reports are accepted to do paperwork.
  3. This International Laboratories recognition is based on criteria below:
    A. The laboratories have capability to perform testing on telecommunication device based on the standard applied in Indonesia or other equal standard.
    B. They are also accredited as testing laboratories based on ISO/IEC 17025 by certification body under Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation – Mutual Recognition Agreement (APAC-MRA) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation-Mutual Recornition Agreement (ILAC-MRA), and
    C. Having at least 2 accreditation proof and/or recognition from international body or telecommunication regulatory from other countries.
  4. This Recognition is only valid for 6 months started from its issuance date
  5. This regulation starts to be effective 10 days after its determination.

For your information, this new regulation was signed and determined in Jakarta, July 12th 2019. Means that it starts to be active on July 22nd 2019, and will be valid within 6 months (until January 22nd 2020). So, for those who want to get certificate sooner, you can use this chance to skip local test. And for your reference, here is the copy of this new regulation. List of accredited Laboratories can be found from page 5 to 19 of the attachment below.

That’s all we need to inform regarding SDPPI new announcement about paperwork acceptance. With this new regulation, we all hope that it can reduce the long lead time that normally happen in local testing. And if you have any inquiry about this, please be free to contact our contact windows.

Best Regards!

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