Aprroval test standard for WLAN (802.11abgn) – New regulation

Approval test standard for WLAN (802.11agbn) is changed, Old regulation related to 802.11 protocol such as:

  • Regulation No. 233/DIRJEN/2010 About tecnical requirements for broadband wireless access (BWA) band 5,8GHz
  • Regulation No. 268/DIRJEN/1998 about technical requirements for Radio Wireless Local Area Network (outdoor) and
  • Regulation No.058/DIRJEN/1998 about technical requirement for Wireless Local Area Network (LAN)

All of regulations above, replaced by new regulation no 28/PERMEN/2015 already, So it  would be any modification for WLAN frequency for 2,4 GHz and 5GHz rules like below :

#Frequency range :

2,4GHz => 2400MHz – 2483,5MHZ (Lower limit – upper limit), channel 1 to max channel   13
5GHz => 5725MHz – 5825MHz (lower limit – upper limit), channel 149 to max channel 161
Max bandwidth  20MHz for 2,4 and 5GHz
Max output power 100mW / 20dBm

Herewith we embedded the official of the this new regulation No. 28 for your reference.


Herewith also we embedded some important point of the technical requirement


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