Sample requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification

After the issuance of new Communication and Informatics Ministry Regulation Number 7 year of 2018 (PM Kominfo No 7 Tahun 2018) about Electronically Integrated Business Licensing on early August 2018, the whole telecommunication certification process is changed, including sample requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification.

sample requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval

Now, this requirements depends on testing Lab’s policy, and each authorized testing Lab has its own policy regulating the sample. But, one thing to be highlighted is that now SDPPI also obligates EMC testing for all technologies except module, Base Station Transceiver, and Microwave antenna. Therefore, we need 2 kinds of samples to proceed RF and EMC testing.

RF Test

Here are sample requirements to proceed RF test in SDPPI Lab (Balai Besar Pengujian Perangkat Telekomunikasi), Lab that’s used the most in testing RF products.

To proceed RF testing in SDPPI Lab, we need 1 sample only, unless for wireless microphone product. For Wireless mic., we need 2 samples (1 conducted and 1 radiated) to proceed RF test.

And below are other technical requirement about that’s commonly applied in SDPPI Lab :

  1. Sample should be in form of end product, not in form of module or PCB board. For example, if we are going to certify printer product, sample needs to be in form of printer, not the PCB Board or RF module only.
  2. In addition to point number one, we can provide PCB Board/module sample, as long as we enclose the end products or the casing. The aim of providing end product or casing is to make SDPPI Lab know the real form of end product.
  3. For WLAN 2.4 and 5 GHz, Bluetooth, RFID 923 – 925 MHz, DECT, Low Power above 600 MHz (including Low Power 2.4 GHz ), VHF/UHF, etc. sample needs to be conducted with RF (SMA Male/female attached on the device).
  4. In Bluetooth, WLAN 2.4 and 5 GHz, DECT, RFID, and others, testing will be conducted in conducted mode by using spectrum analyzer and Test software (could be pre-installed software in the sample, or software that we need to run on laptop). The aim of using this test software is to make us able to measure each channel of the device.
  5. Specifically for Bluetooth, SDPPI Lab doesn’t use TESTCOM/BT Test Software anymore. So, it’s important to provide test software.
  6.  For Low Power (Tx. Power less than 10 mW) products, sample required is:
    1. 1 radiated (normal) sample when the operating frequency below 600 MHz.
    2. Samples should be one conducted and and one radiated (2 samples in total) if the product is wireless microphone.
    3. Sample needs to be one conducted sample for Low Power above 600 MHz and Low Power 2.4 GHz.
  7. If supporting test equipment such as laptop, dongle, PCB Board, SPI Interface, etc. is needed for the test, 1 supporting test equipment can only be used for 3 applications/ three different models.
  8. Sample needs to be labelled. This label needs to mention equipment name, model name, brand name, and serial number.

EMC Test

As we know, EMC test is already obligated for all technologies except module, BTS and microwave antenna. So, besides RF testing, we need to conduct EMC testing as well. To do this EMC test, there are two in-country Lab options; Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) in Tangerang, Banten Province, Laboratorium Balai Besar Bahan dan Barang Teknik (B4T) in Bandung, West Java, and Laboratorium Elektronika dan Telematika, Balai Riset dan Standardisasi (Baristand) Industri in Surabaya, East Java. Below is the number of samples required to conduct EMC test:

To conduct EMC test, we need one normal samples.

While for the standard, EMC standard used are CISPR 22, CISPR 24, CISPR 32 and EN. 301 489. Please contact our contact windows for more information abouo EMC Testing.

Those are sample requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification. However, this requirement can be changed anytime following current policies issued by SDPPI Lab. For further information about sample requirements, you can contact our contact windows directly.