Work from Home Policy to Prevent Covid-19 Outbreak

Jakarta, March 17th 2020. In response to the letters from Secretary General of Communication and Informatics Ministry Number 04 of 2020 that concerns about Covid-19 Preventive Actions, SDPPI headquarters issued its official announcement to announce following policies:

  1. Temporarily closes customer service / front desk. This means that direct consultation by going to SDPPI office won’t be accepted.
  2. For those who want to do consultation, it’s advised to contact following PIC
Name: Mochamad Dwijanto
Designation: Head of Post, Telecommunications, and Information Equipment Certification Section
Mobile: 08128011374

As a result of above policies, especially on the closing of SDPPI customer service and front desk, it effects on the issuance of hard copy certificate. For any applications that the hard copy certificates are still not issued, they need to wait until customer service is opened again to get the certificates. So far, there’s still no specific time limit for this policy, which means that it will be adjusted based on current national situation.

However, even if hard copies are still not issued yet, soft copy of the certificates are now available to download through applicant’s SDPPI user account. So, it should be enough as the soft copy already has valid certificate number and QR code.

Moving to local laboratories policy, from previous announcement we knew that SDPPI Lab has closed their testing service temporarily. Apparently, this policy will be followed by others. One laboratory that followed this decision is Baristand Lab in Surabaya, East Java. This EMC testing LAB has issued Official announcement number 1178/BPPI/Baristand-Surabaya/KA/III/2019, which says:

  1. Direct consultation service are closed until April 1st 2020
  2. On Site quality management certification, product certification, sampling, and calibration activity are postponed until April 1st 2020
  3. Delivery of test report will be conducted electronically (scan copy) and through post (for the hard copy).
  4. Sample delivery, testing, and calibration will be postponed until April 1st 2020.

While some others, even though they are still operating but strict limitation is applied such as not letting applicant to enter testing facility. This means that we can only deliver sample to front desk, and lab will execute pretest and official testing on their own based on provided testing SOP.

With this situation, PT. Dimulti Pilar Narmadi management has taken decision to apply “Work From Home” scheme for employees started from tomorrow, March 18th to 27th 2020. This decision is taken to secure the health of our employees that becomes priority now. By work from home, it means that our project handlers will still do usual activities such as answering email, phone calls, etc. during working hours. We will manage coordination between handlers and other teams through relevant medias.

This work from home policy is temporary and amendable. It can be adjusted anytime depending on national situation. Lastly, corona virus outbreak is global pandemic. We should be able to fight it in solidarity and understanding. Hope everyone stay healthy, and keep practicing healthy lifestyle.

Best Regards.

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