Covid-19 Impact on Indonesian Telecommunication Approval Process

Jakarta, March 16th 2020.

Dear Customer and Friends, Hope this announcement finds you in good health.

It’s been several days after Authority’s official announcement of first two confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indonesia. From this first two cases, contact tracking and tracing kept being executed by Ministry of Health and other related institutions to prevent the spreading of this virus. Until this article is written, there are at least 117 confirmed cases recorded, with 104 patients are under treatment, 8 are recovered, and 5 deaths. This is a very significant number that forces us to do further preventive actions.

Following above findings, on March 15th 2020, the Governor Mr. Anis Baswedan through his voice note recommended Jakarta citizen to practice social distancing, avoiding crowd, and limiting their outdoor activities. Even schools, colleges, and some institutions are officially closed for the next 14 days to prevent the spreading.

On the other side, most of the Ministries offices in Jakarta also took further action by advising institutions (both public and private) with high risk of virus contact and exposure to apply “work from home” scheme for their employees, including SDPPI Lab.

Particularly for SDPPI LAB, in response to the current situation, today they issued public letters number 01/SE – Plt.BBPPT/BBPPT.31/KOMINFO/03/2020, that concerns about further actions taken by the lab to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 virus. Based on this letters, it’s concluded that starting from March 16th 2020, SDPPI Lab decides to:

  1. Close testing application through online system as well as closing offline customer service.
  2. For those who have application that’s been applied before, whether it is now still on documents verification stage, functional checking stage, waiting for payment, or already got pretest schedule, these applications will be postponed and rescheduled until the situation comes back to conducive again.
  3. For on going testing, estimated time of completion will be changed to be “exceeding the deadline”. This is based on Article 16 paragraph (2) letter “d” about “force majeure”, from the Implementation Guidelines for Head of Testing Center of Telecommunications Equipment (BBPPT) Number: 1827 Year 2019.
  4. For non-testing application, SDPPI Lab will work it out by applying work from home scheme to employees.
  5. Applicant who’s in hurry to get the certificate, they can consider to do paperwork based on test report issued by SDPPI-recognized international test lab.
  6. All activities or events involving SDPPI Lab employees will be postponed and rescheduled.

With above actions taken by SDPPI Lab, obviously it will bring impact to the overall lead time of approval process which likely to be delayed. However, because this is not only national, but also global pandemic, your understanding on this matter will be very appreciated.

Everyone’s health, especially our employee’s, is definitely our priority now. So, we will limit our employee mobility as minimum as possible. In the worst scenario, if authority decided to lock down the city, we will definitely apply work from home scheme. So, we’ll try our best to adjust with the situation and to work everything out during this pandemic.

That’s all. Let’s all hope that this Covid-19 global pandemic will be ended soon and we can do our activities in normal situation again as it used to be.


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