SDPPI Seminar, April 24th 2016 – “Strategy in Facing MEA(ASEAN Economic Community)”

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By this year Indonesia is approaching the ASEAN Economic Community, what we have called it as MEA (Masyarakat Ekonimi ASEAN).

It is the era when all people from ASEAN can compete in Indonesia in almost every respect,for instance resources, product and services quality. we will be having tighter competition which can be seen from many developments in every aspects, many variations of product. People will also try to develop their skills, capability to face the competition.

With such case, Ministry of Telecommunication through its standardization body which is SDPPI, is having a prevent action to monitor the Development tides of Post and Telecommunication equipment, as one of the aspect which the most important aspect in ME.

Seeing further progress, SDPPI has invited us to join the seminar discussing the progress of MEA and for the prevent action SDPPI will also discuss and review the existing regulation for its conciliation possibility which will be related with MEA progress.

Dimulti, as one of the biggest local agent which has been servicing many factories, companies, and laboratories around the world, is having chance to joining the seminar., we hope by participating on this event, we’ll be having advanced information which could be useful for our customers.SDPPI invitation letter 1

SDPPI invitation letter 2

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