SDPPI Lab 2020 Annual Discussion Forum Will Be Held This February; What Will Be Discussed Here?

Dear valued customers and friends,

An invitation letter was received from SDPPI this week. This is to invite us to attend SDPPI’s Annual Discussion Forum that this year, will be held on February 26th 2020, and take place in Salak The Heritage Hotel, Bogor, West Java.

Being invited to SDPPI annual discussion forum is of course a good opportunity for us. Because here, we can express our aspirations from the perspective of consultant company. And hopefully, this will contribute to the betterment of future testing process. So, we really thank and appreciate SDPPI Lab for this chance.

Regarding the discussion focus and materials, it’s still not opened to the public yet. But for sure, we’ll post an update about the result right after this discussion finished.

Just for your information, there are 45 companies are invited. These companies comes from various sectors such as distributor, maker, brand representative, and consultant. So, if you notice that your local partner is listed and invited, you can share the invitation to them in case they haven’t received it yet. Below is the invitation file for your reference. List of invited companies is in page 2 of the documents.

That’s all we need to announce. Surely we’ll come back to post again right after the event’s finished. And if there’s any input that you want to be forwarded to SDPPI, please feel free to contact our contact windows as we may be able to forward it in the event.

Best Regards!

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