Regulatory Update: Freshly Issued SDPPI Regulation Number 04 of 2020 Concerning About Telecommunication Devices Connected to PSTN

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-Few months ago, we’ve that SDPPI issued regulation draft which concerned about technical requirements of telecommunication equipment connected to Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). And finally, after quite some times, this regulation has actually came in force. It was on Monday, March 16th 2020, where SDPPI officially shared the documents called “SDPPI Regulation Number 04 of 2020” to public through its official announcement. Below is the official documents from this regulation.

What this regulation is about? As it’s titled, SDPPI Regulation Number 04 of 2020 regulates all kinds of telecommunication device or tools that are connected to Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). Article 1 paragraph 2 of this regulations emphasizes further on the coverage, which are:

  • Analog telephone set;
  • Facsimile;
  • Private automatic branch exchange;
  • Key telephone system; and
  • Other telecommunication equipment or devices connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

And to help you understand the new regulation better, below is the English translation for your reference.

Regarding validity time, article 5 of SDPPI Regulation Number 04 of 2020 states that this regulation has started to come in force by the date of its determination, which is 26 February 2020. So, this is already valid by the issuance of this article.

That’s all we need to announce. Should you have any concerns about this new regulation, please feel free to reach our contact windows.

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