Good News: SDPPI Allows Document Evaluation Process for All Types of Products

Dear Valued Customers and friends,

Good day! Hope all is well.

We’re writing here to announce you about new updates from SDPPI Lab regarding to the certification process. Previously, we’ve been told that SDPPI headquarter has issued a policy that allows telecommunication equipment certification by documents evaluation (paperwork) by referring to existing modular certificate. And now, they are issuing another policy. Still about document evaluation, but this one is different with the previous document evaluation process through existing modular certificate.

Based on SDPPI Headquarter official letter number 530/DJSDPPI 5/SP.04.03/09/2017 that was issued on September 22nd 2017, now SDPPI allows documents evaluation process for all type of products. This decision is taken due to the high workload that SDPPI Lab has. With this huge workload, there’s possibility that SDPPI Lab can’t achieve 17 working days of testing. So, they decided to open this document evaluation line.

For those who are interested to use this application line, there are several things to note:

  1. The main requirement of doing this documents evaluation process is that the product should have Test Report from Laboratory.
  2. For running application that’s still waiting for the pretest or has been pretested, it can continue the process by doing evaluation documents as long as the SP2 testing payment notification hasn’t been paid.
  3. This document evaluation process is opened today, and will be closed again by the end of October 2017.

Below we enclose the photo of official announcement issued by SDPPI Lab.

That’s all we need to announce. Remembering that the time of this documents evaluation application is very limited, so please be hurry if you want to apply with this line. And if you have any further question or concern regarding to this announcement, please be free to put our contact window on a call.

Best Regards!


PT. Dimulti Pilar Narmadi


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