SDPPI Allows Document Evaluation Process from Modular Certification

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We’re writing here to announce you that on September 14th 2017 SDPPI has officially issued their official announcement Number 492 SP.04.03/P/IX/2017. This announcement is about modular certification, and especially on how to do documents evaluation process for the end product, by referencing from the existing modular certificate by SDPPI.

As we know, based on the Regulation Number 52, the year of 2000, section 74 article 1 about telecommunication operation, it’s stated that Indonesian telecommunication device certification is subjected to all types of telecommunication product. More specifically, it is be subjected to telecommunication equipment in form of module, or telecommunication equipment that consists of several modules inside. For telecommunication equipment that consists of several separation type modules, the certification process should be subjected on each of the module.

Along with this announcement, SDPPI also confirmed that now, they allow evaluation documents process for all products by using the existing modular approval. If the module inside is already certified by SDPPI, then we can certify the end product by doing document evaluation from the existing module certificate.

Furthermore, what is the basic requirements of doing this paperwork process from modular certificate? The most important thing is that we need to submit test report of the module. Below is the information about the kind of test report needed for doing evaluation documents process.

Numb. Certification Object Test Report Needed
1 Module Module test report
2 Telecommunication Equipment
A Telecommunication Equipment  consist of several separated Modules (separation type module) Test Report of Each Module
B Telecommunication Equipment consist of integrated Modules End Product Test Report
3 Non-telecommunication equipment which has communication equipment inside (example: TV, door lock, or refrigerator  with Bluetooth, Lamp with Zigbee, etc.)
A Non-telecommunication equipment consist of several separated Modules (separation type module) Test report of each module
B Telecommunication Equipment consist of integrated Modules End product Test Report

And to prove whether the equipment really has separation type  or integrated modules, along with test report, applicant also needs to submit:

  1. Block diagram
  2. Circuit Diagram
  3. Declaration letter to declare that the separate or integrated modules inside is indeed the part of the telecommunication or non-telecommunication equipment.

Finally, that’s all we need to announce. Hopefully this announcement can beneficial for you. Especially for those who urgently needs to obtain the certificate without doing testing, you can use this chance to get your product certified. So that it can be legally distributed in Indonesia.

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