Electrical Safety Testing Requirement for Wireless Product in Indonesia, Would It Be Applied Real Soon?

Dear Customers and friends. The question about mandatory electrical safety testing requirements when doing SDPPI certification has been raised quite long time ago, especially after SDPPI issued several new regulations such as new SRD regulation, new WLAN regulation, LPWA regulation, etc. This is because in most of the new regulations, there’s requirement of doing electrical safety testing. For example, in new WLAN regulation, there’s clause saying:

Electrical Safety Testing for WLAN

In real practice so far, only RF and EMC testing are mandatory (and EMI Testing if the device is supplied by AC Power) when we apply SDPPI certification. There is no electrical safety testing is requested even if it’s already mentioned on new regulation. But, started from today, there are many rejections happen to our SDPPI applications with reason “please submit electrical safety test report“. This rejection happen to almost all kinds of products (needs to be specified further on what type of product Electrical safety will be required).

With all these rejections, although there’s still no official release from SDPPI regarding the application of electrical safety test mandatorily for wireless product, it’s safe to assume that electrical safety testing will be applied in Indonesia soon in near future. If this really happens, for sure it will affect on on-going applications that we do and on future application as well, especially because it’s so typical for SDPPI to issue and apply new regulation without giving significant grace period. While on the lead time, it can be affected as well because as stated in SDPPI website, there’s still only 1 laboratory has been accredited to do Electrical Safety Testing. Which means, potential delay and increasing fee for doing electrical test can’t be avoided.

Accredited test Lab for electrical safety testing

That’s all we need to inform regarding electrical safety testing requirement. Hopefully it can be early warning for those who have on-going application and who will apply SDPPI certification in the near future. However, please be informed that this news is still an assumption based on multiple rejections with same reason today. We will surely give further update soon as the final confirmation or final release has been announced by SDPPI.

Best Regards!

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