SDPPI Announced New SRD Standard in Indonesia. Check What’s New Here!

We’ve been wondering about new SRD Standard in Indonesia for quite a long time especially after few months ago, authority withdraw several standards such as RFID, Bluetooth, and SRD by issuing PERDIRJEN POSTEL No. 1 of 2019 about “The Use of Radio Frequency Based on Class License”. Ever since then, RFID, Bluetooth, and SRD testing still refered to previous regulations in which have been withdrawn before. So, it caused quite blurry situation about testing and certification process within this phase.

But fortunately, new SRD Standard in Indonesia has been officially issued by SDPPI through their official announcement on July 30th 2019. This new regulation’s called PERDIRJEN POSTEL NOMOR 161 TAHUN 2019 and concerning about “Technical Requirements of Short Range Device Telecommunication”. Below is the copy of this new SRD Standard in Indonesia.

From above regulation, we can see that now SDPPI puts several technologies that previously had their own individual regulation reference into one category now, which is SRD. These technologies are: Bluetooth, Low Power Device, RFID, NFC, Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) IEEE 802.15.4, Intelligent Transport System, and other Short Range Device Telecommunication equipment. For more information about each technology reference, you can find it in below attachment,

Furthermore, when this new regulation was officially applied on July 18th 2019, following regulations will be automatically withdrawn. Which means that telecommunication devices regulated by these regulations will be no longer allowed in Indonesia:

  • KEPDIRJEN POSTEL Number 130/DIRJEN/1990 about Technical Requirement of Personal Cordless Telephone
  • KEPDIRJEN POSTEL Number 86/DIRJEN/1999 about Technical Requirement of Public Cordless Telephone
  • KEPDIRJEN POSTEL Number 207/DIRJEN/2001 about Technical Requirement of Base Station Radio Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT); and
  • PERDIRJEN POSTEL Number 214/DIRJEN/2005 about Technical Requirement of Low Power Telecommunication Device under 10 mW (for Low Power Device, it still can apply under the new PERDIRJEN POSTEL No. 161 of 2019 regulation)

That’s all we need to announce about new SRD Standard in Indonesia that just posted yesterday by SDPPI thrugh their official announcement. Should you have any question, please be free to contact our contact windows.

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