It’s Finally Issued; New Regulation About Technical Requirements of Automotive Short Range Radar System! Check What’s New Here

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Jakarta, February 13th 2020. Finally, SDPPI Indonesia issued a new regulation concerning about technical requirements of Automotive Short Range Radar System. This new regulation is called “Directorate General of Resource and Post and Informatics Number 03 of 2020”. Below is the official regulation documents issued by SDPPI

Of course, this is a very good news in this first quarter of 2020, remembering that this new regulation has been waited by the industry since the issuance of its draft for public consultation on December 12th 2020. So, what should be highlighted from this new regulation? Here are some articles that have to be considered.

Article 1
Every Automotive Short Range Radar System equipment that is manufactured, assembled, imported for being traded and/or used within the territory of Republic of Indonesia is mandatory to comply with technical requirements as mentioned on the inseparable attachment of this Directorate General Regulation.

Article 4
Automotive Short Range Radar System equipment that has obtained test report based on the provision before this director general regulation comes into force is still able to apply for telecommunication equipment certification process at the latest 3 months from the test report issuance.

Article 5
When this Directorate General Regulation comes in force, KEPDIRJEN POSTEL No 08/DIRJEN/2004 about technical Requirements of Vehicle Radio Location/Short Range Radar System is withdrawn and declared as no longer valid

Article 6
This Directorate General Regulation is started to be valid at the date of stipulation.
Note: Stipulation Date is on February 11th 2020

Furthermore, chapter two of the regulation explains more about technical requirements of automotive short range radar system. You can find English Translation of this chapter in below attachment.

Lastly, if you got any rejection of your short range radar system application before, because the regulation is still under discussion, it means that you can continue the application now. However, now we’re still confirming to SDPPI about which application method is available, whether it is paperwork only, or with testing. Because as we know, previously there’s still no local lab was able to perform testing on radar 76 – 77 GHz. So, we’re still looking for further confirmation about this.

That’s all we need to inform. Should you have any inquiry about this, please feel free to contact our contact windows anytime.

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