SDPPI Launched SIRANI, Official Online Mobile Application to Support Integrated Certification System

On Wednesday, July 11th 2018, SDPPI launched its new official online mobile application called SIRANI. Announced in Vendors Meeting Event that was held on Bogor, West Java, this mobile application is aimed to support integrated online certification system that’s been launched on Monday, July 9th 2018 by Directorate General Post and Informatics Equipment (SDPPI), Communication and Information Ministry (KOMINFO) of Republic Indonesia.

As quoted from SDPPI Director, Mochamad Hadiyana, people can get various information regarding to telecommunication equipment certification such as; existing certificate list, accredited Laboratory list, certification fee, and any other update regarding to the certification process in SDPPI. With all this information, it’s expected that people can get to know better about Post and telecommunication certification system in Indonesia.

Moreover, this mobile application is also expected to be useful for all parties, especially consumer and manufacturer. As we know, there are many un-certified telecommunication equipments such as mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, are distributed in Indonesian market, and people’s understanding about this un-certified products is very limited. By launching SIRANI, SDPPI tries to bring this certification information to be more accessible, so that consumer can find out whether certain telecommunication product has been certified or not. Therefore, they can avoid danger and interference that’s caused by un-certified equipment.

On the other hand, this application is also expected be useful for manufacturer, distributor, vendor, or importer. By using this, they can get instant access to the valuable information such as certification fee, procedure, regulation, standard, and so on. Therefore, they have valid guidance when they are about to certify their telecommunication products. And for those who have running certification application, checking the progress online will be easier too. Below are some screenshots of SIRANI.


Unfortunately, now SIRANI is still available on android only. People can download this application on Google Play store, then log in into their SDPPI account. While for iOS, you got to be more patients as this apps is still not available for iOS. SDPPI didn’t give further confirmation of when this application will be available on iOS. But hopefully, it will be available on iOS soon.

Still in the same event, Communication and Information Ministry also stated their support toward in-country information and communication industry. Realization of this support is making new regulation on product components importation and giving incentive for overseas investor to build their facilities in Indonesia.

With this regulation, it’s expected that the growth of in-country information and communication industry can be enforced. In addition, Mr. Hadiyana also stated that SDPPI commits to make new standardization regulation that’s aimed to enforced local industries, so that they can compete with international products.

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