SDPPI Accepts EMC test Report from Non-Accredited International Test Lab

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Hope this announcement finds you well. In this good Monday, we’d like to inform you regarding new SDPPI announcement that was just issued on their official website last Friday, November 9th 2018. This announcement is concerning about EMC testing that draws a lot of controversy recently, especially due to the extremely long lead time.

Considering the current situation in BPPT Lab (Serpong, West Java) where EMC test takes extremely long lead time due to the overcapacity that the lab has, and the current situation in another EMC testing Lab, Baristand (Surabaya, East Java) that still does measuring equipment calibration abroad which makes the lab inactive temporarily, so SDPPI issued new policy as a way out.

In order to expedite the whole telecommunication equipment certification process, now SDPPI decides to accept EMC test report from all international Labs, including EMC report from test labs that are not listed on the list of SDPPI-Accredited test lab. As long as the lab is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, then its EMC test report will be accepted. Further, the lab also needs to be accredited by accreditation body that signed Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation-Mutual Recognition Arrangement (APLAC-MRA), International Laboratory Accreditation Cooparation-Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC-MRA), and/or recognized by the scheme of International Electrotechnical Committee System of Conformity Assesment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipments and Components (IECEE).

Then, how about RF test report? For RF test report, it still needs to be issued by one of the SDPPI’s accredited test Lab (either International test lab or local test lab).

With this new policy, of course it bring good news for those who have no time to wait for doing local EMC test. However, this policy has limited time application. It will only be valid until December 31st 2018. After that date, SDPPI will again, only accept EMC test report from their accredited test lab. So, for you who’s still in the middle of consideration, please be hurry before the last day comes. Below we attached the screenshot of SDPPI announcement in case the link above is not working.

EMC Test announcementThat’s all we need to inform. We hope this information can be useful for you especially for those who have been too confused with the long lead time of EMC test. Should you have any question about it, please be free to cotact our contact windows right away.

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