New Regulation on Telecommunication Equipment Certification is Applied on SDPPI

After such a long wait and speculations, finally SDPPI issued its new regulation on telecommunication equipment certification called Communication and Informatics Ministry Regulation Number 7 year of 2018 (PM Kominfo No 7 Tahun 2018). With the application of this new regulation, it automatically revokes previous telecommunication equipment regulations; PM Kominfo No 18 Tahun 2014 about Telecommunication Equipment Certification, PM Kominfo No 1 Tahun 2015 about Revision on Telecommunication Equipment Certification, and PM Kominfo No 23 Tahun 2016 about Telecommunication Equipment Certification on Mobile Phone, Handheld Computer, and Tablet. And as a result, new certification schemes are also applied.

To get to know more detail about this, please visit the complete news on our post in this link.

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