Business Warning for All Approval Business Players

Dear Customers and Friends

Hope everything’s always great on you.

Firstly, we’d like to say thank you for reading our article. We’re writing here basically to remind you to be more careful in running your business, especially in choosing partner. Recently, we got an unpleasing experience with one of our business partners.

So, by reading this article, we hope the same thing will not happen to you as well as to your business partner. We decided to write this article as a message for everyone, and also as a warning for related company and individual involved in this issue.

But, before we go further, firstly we tell you that we do publishing it on public domain because we found no cooperation at all from the related company and individuals. There is no confirmation or reply to our messages, mail, phone call, and they’re just gone from the network. We are also blocked from all kinds of communication, so we can’t contact them at all.

Okay, this case was started when we received a project from Company called Gold Technology Services ( This is Singapore-based Company which describes their main business as providing services in making type approval and safety license.

Their registered office is in Block 892 Tampines Ave 8, #05-16 Singapore 520892. The contact person was Ms. Tan Lee Tuan ( We also know that Ms. Tan is working with her partner Patrick ( This project is about Indonesian Type Approval for a certain product.

At the early stage of this cooperation, we already had a feeling that there is something wrong with this company. Especially, it’s because when we see their official website, we think their website is way too simple for a company which describes their main business is on the approval/technological field. We couldn’t find any professional aspect from the website at all. Below is the screenshoot of Gold Technology Services official website.

Long short story, the type approval certification project between our company and Gold Technology Services was finished on early January 2017. The certificate itself was issued January 10th 2017. Based on our term of Payment, we’ll issue final invoice after we pay the certificate payment, and this final invoice should be paid within 30 days after its issuance.

In this project we’re talking about, the certificate payment was paid on January 9th 2017. Final invoice was issued right at that day. Referring to this timeline, our final invoice should’ve been paid before February 9th 2017. But, until the end of February, we didn’t get any message or even good intention from related company to finish their payment obligation.

We keep reminding the payment to Ms. Tan regularly. But our reminders were never been responded. It’s also disappointed to find them never open up a communication line with us ever since then. We have tried to contact them from every possible platform: email, phone call, and Whats Up. But again, there never be any response. Below is the screenshoot of our emails and message to Ms. Tan Le Tuan.

March 9

Our email on March 9th 2017

March 15

Our email on March 15th 2017

April 10

Our email on April 10th 2017

May 16

Our email on May 16th 2017

June 13

Our email on June 13th 2017

July 17

Our email on July 17th 2017

Since we don’t get any significant response for about 7 months, we decided to expose this case to public domain. We reminded Ms. Tan previously about this decision, hoping that she would change her mind and get rid all of these problems. She didn’t respond at all. So, without any hesitation we publish this case to our website and its affiliates including social media, and blog.

August 14

Our email on August 14th 2017

August 21

Our email on August 21st 2017

What's up screenshoot

We also contacted them through What’s Up Platform

What's up screenshoot1

As we stated before, what we try to say here is “Please be careful” for every company, lab, manufacturer, or any other party who would like to make a cooperation with Gold Technology Services.

What we’re experiencing here is fatal, especially for the relationship between two companies. It will not only affect on the business termination to the related company, but it also affects to the rating and reputation of Gold Technology Services internationally.

Hopefully, we’ll receive a good intention from either Gold Technology Services or Ms. Tan Lee Tuan personally, to finish their payment obligation. If there’s still no action to finish this case, there will be no hesitation for us to bring this case into the further step.

That’s all we’d like to say. We truly hope that this writing can be your consideration in doing cooperation with Gold Technology Services. So, the same case will not happen to you in the future.

Best Regards.

2 comments to “Business Warning for All Approval Business Players”
  1. good information,
    we will put this company on blacklist ,
    maybe you can block the last certificate of their project in SDPPI
    thank you fella

    • You’re welcome. Please be careful to make cooperation with this company. And seeing its track record, blacklist will definitely needed.

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