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SDPPI Plan to Add EMC Test Parameters for Local Testing

Dear Valued Customer and Friends,

We come up again to inform you that recently SDPPI held an internal meeting with local laboratories to discuss about additional EMC test parameters that will be applied for local EMC test in the near future.

Current EMC testing in local labs is done based on CISPR 32: 2015. For products which will be sold without power adapter or power cord, these will have two EMC test parameters tested: Radiated Emission 30 – 1000 MHz and Radiated Emission 1 – 6 GHz. Meanwhile, for products that will be sold with power adapter or power cord included in the package, these need to do Conducted Emission at Main port parameter tested in addition to Radiated Emission 30 – 1000 MHz and Radiated Emission 1 – 6 GHz.

However, above rules are likely to be revised soon. From the news we received, SDPPI plans to apply Conducted Emission measurement mandatorily for all products, except products that are supplied by non-rechargeable battery. Therefore, all products except those that are supplied by non-rechargeable battery are mandatory to fulfill three EMC test parameters: Radiated Emission 30 – 1000 MHz, Radiated Emission 1 – 6 GHz, and Conducted Emission at Main port.

In addition to that, for products that has telecommunication ports, they are also mandatory to test Conducted Emission at Telecommunication Port Parameter. Particularly for this parameter, currently there are only two test labs who can perform the test; Balai Standardisasi dan Pelayanan Jasa Industri (Baristand) Surabaya and PT Qualis Indonesia. Other Laboratories are maybe on progress to prepare their testing facility to accommodate this parameter as well.

Although there is no information of when this new rule will come into force, we would like to take this opportunity as early notification for our customers. If this rule really comes into force, we may revise the quotation that has been sent to you earlier due to the additional EMC test parameters, and maybe there will be some adjustments in terms of required testing samples.

However, based on news and assumption, this new rule about additional EMC test parameters will be applied sometime within June this year. There will be official annoucement posted by SDPPI once they declare it as mandatory.

That’s all we need to inform. Should you ahve any questions regarding to this matter, feel free to reach our contact windows.

Best Regards

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