2020 Ied Al Fitr National Holiday And Current Situation Updates

Dear Valued Customers and Friends,

Hope this announcement finds you in good and well condition. We’re writing to give an update about national holiday that will come real soon within this month, current situation related to the pandemic, and whether or not it affects on SDPPI certification process.

As we know, 2020 Ramadhan month is about to end on May 23rd, means that Ied Al Fitr is likely to be celebrated on May 24th and 25th 2020. In the previous years, commonly Ied Al Fitr were always followed by long public holidays. But for this year, considering Covid 19 pandemic that’s still going on, our government has decided to move Ied Al Fitr Public holiday from May 26th – 29th, to December 28th – 31st 2020.

So this May, we only have 2 national holidays which are May 21st 2020 for the Ascension day, and May 25th 2020 for Ied Al Fitr. No additional public holiday

Moving from national holiday topic, second thing we’d like to inform is about current situation related to the pandemic and whether or not it brings effect on SDPPI certification process.

As we know, Jakarta has been on large scale of social restriction since April 10th 2020. It was supposed to be finished by April 23rd 2020. But considering high number of daily increasing case, social restriction has been extended to May 22nd 2020. And it raises question on whether or not Local laboratories are still opening their service during this pandemic.

Yes, some laboratories still open their services by applying strict health protocols. For example, BBPPT (SDPPI Lab) requires applicant to send engineers who has health certificates from appointed hospital to do testing assistance. While in some other labs, they apply different approach. Applicant is only allowed to go until the front desk to hand over samples and documents, while testing assistance will be conducted by phone call. This is the method that we did previously; we send samples and documents by courier service, and testing assistance will be conducted through phone call.

But, from May 13th 2020 authority has started to be more strict in monitoring social restriction. Sanction for company that still operates during social restriction (except several sectors that are exempted) are also emphasized. And Dimulti is not an exception in this case. We need to follow the protocols by working from home until social restriction is ended on May 22nd 2020.

As a result, there will be possibility of delay on testing applications that have been ordered before. This is because we’re all working from home and it’s difficult to manage testing when everyone is staying at home.

So, for those who have ordered testing, we’re sorry to inform that these applications need to be put on hold at least until we’re working again on May 26th 2020 (If social restriction is not extended). This hold is also applied for sample shipping. Since we have limited space in our warehouse and it’s getting fully occupied recently, please kindly hold sample shipping to us. Our handlers will inform you when we’ll be available again to receive sample.

Then what about urgent application? For urgent application, it can apply through paperwork method. Please be informed that not all test reports are accepted by SDPPI so, you may contact our project handlers to confirm whether or not the reports on your hand are accepted to do paperwork.

Besides, because SDPPI staffs are working from home too, now they limit daily quota of paperwork acceptance. And we can only submit paperwork application up until 12.00 in the afternoon, otherwise the system will be closed and we need to wait until the next day to submit. So, your understanding will be very appreciated in case there’s slight delay on paperwork submission due to the daily quota.

Finally, that’s all we need to update. Should you have any concerns regarding this matter, feel free to contact our contact window.

Best Regards!

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