New Testing Procedure in SDPPI Lab

Dear Valued Customers

by the time this information was posted, the new testing procedure has been running officialy in the SDPPI lab for next day ahead

please be advised this information is very important when preparing the samples for testing, please pay highly attention on below point for your reference :


1.1 Any applicant who has made payment and submission of test/calibration sample shall be subject to this procedure
1.2 Oportunity for remedy upon test result which is not in accord with technical reference shall not be given whereupon Recapitulation of Test Result ( RHU ) / calibration shall be end result
1.3 Service time for the take and submission of queue number shall be 08:00 – 13:00 West Indonesian Time
1.4 The place of take of queue number shall be in service counter
1.5 Service will be made based on queue number
1.6 Call of queue number shall be made three times. In case of applicant being not there, he/she shall be considered failed anf be obliged to take new queue number
1.7 Test or Calibration shall be conducted in the Laboratory of The Center of Telecommunication Equipment ( BBPPT ) at a maximum of 17 (seventeen) work days

2.1 The Examination Center of Telecommunication Equipment shall be entitled to issue Payment Notice Letter (SP2) of Test or Calibration of Telecommunication Equipment
2.2 Applicant shall pay test/calibration fee according to the number of components for test/calibration as included in SP2
2.3 After receipt of complete requirement, Test Application Form will be issued
2.4 The Examination Center of Telecommunication Equipment shall conduct test or calibration upon the telecommunication equipment
2.5 For telecommunication equipment under the category of Customer premises Equipment (CPE), applicant shall submit 2 samples to be tested. Whereas for Non Customer Premises Equipment (Non-CPE), applicant shall submit 1 sample to be tested. And for calibration, applicant shall submit 1 unit of measurement device to be calibrated
2.6 In case of technical problem during test/calibration process such that the test /calibration cannot be conducted, then the applicant will be informed thereof
2.7 In case The Examination Center of Telecommunication Equipment needs technician to assist the solving of such problem as referred to in point 2.6, then the applicant is obliged to meet the need
2.8 In case of no national technical reference is available (Ministerial Regulation, Indonesian National Standard (SNI), and the like), then the applicant shall help give technical reference for the test

for the actual evidence of this new procedure letter issuance from SDPPI please kindly check below screen shot:

Thank you very much for you kind attention