New Testing Procedure For Wlan in SDPPI test house , very important

Dear Valued Customers,

In order to make sure the test going correctly without any problem in the test house, we are pleasant to inform you the new testing procedure for Wlan in the test house that will be applied starts on 21st of September 2015 :

Based on the new regulation for Wlan 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz which is PERMEN NO.28 TAHUN 2015

recapitulation of the result on the spectrum analyzer will be done 3 times. each time has a gap in 1 minute after the spectrum analyzer is reset, every protocol of the a/b/g/n element will be recapped as well. The recapitulation of the test result includes :

  • center frequency ( upper channel and lower channel ) 

for wlan 2.4 GHz = channel 1 and channel 13, for wlan 5 GHz = channel 149 and channel 161

  • power tx = maximum output power 20 dBm
  • bandwidth= maximum 20 MHz
  • spurious  =< – 20 dBc per 100 KHz

i hope this information could be useful for your reference in preparing the sample for testing in SDPPI test house.

Thank you

Have a great day!!!