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SNI Mandatory Products List

SNI Mandatory Products List

SNI mandatory products have a very long list. This list keeps growing by time as the demand of certified products is getting higher. Nowadays, consumers are getting more aware of product compliance. Not only that product compliance offers quality, but being complied with certain standard means that the safety aspect of that product is guaranteed. And this is the reason why SNI Certification was formulated in the first place.

This kind of certification has wide range of coverage. This covers multiple field such as agriculture, in medical, in automotive,industrial, IT, construction, management system, health, and in many other sectors. That’s why SNI mandatory product have quite long list.

So, before marketing certain product in Indonesia, it is better to take a look on the list of SNI mandatory products first in case the product that is about to be distributed falls into this category. And to make you understand the list better, below we enclose the English version

That’s all. Should you have any questions, please be free to contact our contact windows.