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Is Local Testing needed? How is SNI Sample Requirement?

SNI Sample Requirements

“Is local testing needed in SNI certification? And how is SNI sample requirement ?” These are the question that have been asked so many times, especially because other kind of certification such as SDPPI certification (RF certification) can do paperwork (documents evaluation only, no sample’s needed) under certain circumstances, so why don’t SNI?

But, in the case of SNI, thing is a little bit different. Local testing is mandatory when doing SNI certification. Even if the product is already certified by international safety standard, local test is needed. And during the process, there will be factory inspection as well. So, during the certification process, there will be officer from CB (Certification Body) visiting the factory to check factory’s documentation, production process, as well as taking samples. So, if testing is mandatory, how’s the sample requirement ?

During factory inspection, inspector will take sample randomly. They, this samples will be marked, packed, and sealed before it’s finally shipped to Indonesia by using courier service. This inspection takes about 3-5 working days with 2 officers go to the factory. While for the number of sample required, usually it is around 5 samples depending on CB requirement and applied regulations.