How long is the validity of Indonesia SDPPI Type Approval Certification

The validity of Indonesia SDPPI Type Approval Certification is 3 years, and it can be renewed once. In the first renewal, testing is not required. The process is completely documents work.

Then, will the certificate number be changed after first renewal? Yes, but not that significant. There will be an “I” addition on the certificate number after the first renewal. For example:

Original certificate number: XXXX/SDPPI/2018

Certificate Number after renewal: XXXX/I/SDPPI/2018

One thing to be noted, renewal needs to be proceeded at least 1 month before expiry date. If it goes over the expiry date, we need need to renew the certificate by using testing or paperwork (with higher fee). And also, the certificate number will be changed as well.

For the second renewal, it will be treated as new application. So, certificate number issued after second renewal process will be changed (different from the original certificate number). For the process, applicant can proceed second renewal by using regular application (with testing) or paperwork.

Note: SDPPI plans to remove certification validity time in the future. However, this regulation is still not issued yet. So, above explanation on certification validity time is still applicable.