How long is the validity of Indonesia SDPPI Type Approval Certification

In regard to validity of Indonesia SDPPI Type Approval Certification, newly applied regulation Number 7 year of 2018 section 70 states that:

validity of Indonesia SDPPI Type Approval

a. Every telecommunication device that is manufactured, assembled, imported, traded or used in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, it must be certified.

b. Telecommunications equipment that is still made, assembled, or imported to be traded in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia after 3 (three) years of the certificate issuance date, it must be re-certified.

Referring to the regulation above and to SDPPI confirmation that we got earlier, it’s confirmed that there will be no renewal process. But, if after three years of certificate issuance the product is still manufactured, assembled, imported, or traded in and to territory of Republic of Indonesia, applicant needs to re-certify the product again.

This re-certification process will be counted as new application, so the certificate number issued after re-certification process will be different with the first certificate number issued.

As consequence, applicant needs to modify the label to be complied with the newest certificate number. But, this modification doesn’t have to be conducted on all products.

Only product that’s still in the production line and not yet imported to Indonesia that needs to change the label. But, for product that’s already imported to Indonesia, stored in Indonesian warehouse, or distributed in Indonesian market, they don’t have to change the label.