What are the requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval?

Requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval are divided into 3; Technical Documents requirements, Application Documents Requirements, and Sample Requirements. Each kind of requirements are stated below:

Technical Document Requirements:
-Technical specification of the products with photo (Technical Specification should be original from factory, not self-arranged)
-Test instruction/test SoP+Test Software
-RF and EMC Test report (RF Test Report can be CE or FCC. Both are acceptable)
-User manual

Application Document Requirements
-Power of Attorney to us
-Application document FR.PM4 and FR.PM5
-Pact of Integrity
-Statement Letter
-Payment Agreement Letter
note: application documents draft will be provided by our project handler after sending inquiry to us.

Sample Requirements

For detail information of sample requirements on Indonesia SDPPI Approval, please click this link.