How long is the lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification?

Our standard lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval is 7 weeks if application is proceeded since the very beginning (from testing). While for paperwork application, we needs around 5 working days until certificate issuance. However, this lead time also depends on the testing queue in SDPPI Lab, readiness of the documents and samples, as well as the smoothness of the testing process itself. And to understand more about lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval, below we enclose the certification process in detail.

Now the process of getting SDPPI Type Approval certification is divided into two; Doing Testing in SDPPI-Accredited Testing Labs (either accredited In-country testing Lab or accredited International testing Lab) to get test report, and then Doing Paperwork (Test Report Evaluation) in SDPPI Headquarter to get certificate issued.

  1. Testing to Get Test Report Issued

The procedure here is based on the testing procedure applied on SDPPI Lab (Balai Besar Pengujian Perangkat Telekomunikasi). While the testing process in another Lab, it will be relatively the same and there’s not much different. Before we submit samples to do pretest in SDPPI Lab, we need to do pretest in our office first to make sure that the test procedure and software work well, and sample has complied with current standard. Below is the detail of testing process:

Lead time, testing procedures

Note: Now, it’s not only RF testing is needed. But, we also need to do EMC testing and safety testing (safety is prioritized for device that’s supplied by AC Power). All these three testings can be proceeded in parallel in different testing lab.

2. Test Report Evaluation to Get Certificate Issued

Basically, all process in SDPPI Head Quarter now is paperwork. After we got RF, EMC, and Safety test reports from SDPPI-Accredited Testing Labs (either accredited In-country testing Lab or accredited International testing Lab), we need to proceed paperwork application in SDPPI head Quarter to get certificate issuance. Below are the steps of Test Report Evaluation Process.

lead time, peperwork process

Those are the chart and time frame of getting SDPPI Type Approval certification. However, the actual case might be different. The whole process is very tentative, and it depends on sample readiness, smoothness of testing process, as well as testing queue happen happen in the Lab.

That’s all. If you need to understand more about this SDPPI Type Approval certification process, please be free to contact our contact windows.