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How long is the lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval Certification?

Lead time of SDPPI application depends on the application route that we choose. For paperwork application, lead time is relatively shorter, around 3-5 working days started from the date all required documents are received. While for local test, our standard lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval is 6 weeks if application is proceeded since the very beginning (receiving samples and required documents for testing).

lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval

However, this lead time also depends on the testing queue in the Lab, readiness of the documents and samples, as well as the smoothness of the testing process itself. And to understand more about lead time of Indonesia SDPPI Approval, below is the explanation about certification process in detail.

Local Testing Route

Basically, there are two main steps in local testing route. The first step is getting required test reports by doing test in authorized local labs, and the second steps is submitting test reports and other required documents to SDPPI headquarter to issue the certificate. To get test reports from local lab, firstly we need to know which test labs that will be used to do testing. For RF test reports, we usually do test in the following labs:

  • Balai Besar Pengujian Perangkat Telekomunikasi (BBPPT), Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika,
  • PT. Hyundai Calibration and Certification Technologies Indonesia,
  • Laboratorium Pengujian PT. Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services
  • Laboratorium Sentral Operasi Cibitung PT. Sucofindo (Persero),

Lead time for RF test is different for each lab, ranging from 5 to 17 working days. It depends on the specification of the product and which testing class that we’re taking (each lab offers different testing class like regular testing, express, and VIP testing).

While for EMC and Electrical safety testing, the available test labs that we usually use are:

  • Laboratorium Elektronika dan EMC Balai Besar Bahan dan Barang Teknik (B4T)
  • PT. Hyundai Calibration and Certification Technologies Indonesia
  • Balai Standardisasi dan Pelayanan Jasa Industri (BSPJI) Surabaya

Lead time is also various for EMC and Electrical Safety test. Regular lead time is around 3-5 weeks. If we do all tests (RF, EMC, and electrical Safety) in parallel, it will be finished approximately in 4 weeks.

The next step would be submitting test reports along with application documents to SDPPI headquarter. Regarding what documents are required to be submitted, you can check it in this link. After application is submitted, then the next process would be:

Paperwork Route

Paperwork is only applicable if the product already has test reports issued by overseas laboratories that are recognized by SDPPI. List of recognized laboratories can be found in this link. If this link is not accessible in your area, you can try to access using VPN.

Paperwork lead time is 3-5 working days. This lead time is started from receiving all required documents (List of required documents can be found in this this link. After getting all required documents, the process will be similar to application submission process of local testing route. It is:

Those are the chart and time frame of getting SDPPI Type Approval certification. However, the actual case might be different. The whole process is very tentative, and it depends on sample and document readiness, smoothness of testing process, as well as testing queue happen in the Lab.

That’s all. If you need to understand more about this SDPPI Type Approval certification process, please be free to contact our contact windows.