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What are the requirements of Indonesia SDPPI Approval Label?

After obtaining certificate, applicant needs to attached Indonesia SDPPI Approval Label. Below are the requirements of this label:

  1. Certificate holder are required to attached Indonesia SDPPI Approval Label on each certified telecommunication equipment within 60 days after certificate issued
  2. Label has to mention certificate number and PLG ID (SDPPI customer ID) with the format below:
  3. The size of the Indonesia SDPPI Approval Label depends on the size of equipment, and it has to be easily viewable by bare eyes
  4. In any case that it is impossible to attach label on telecommunication equipment, applicant is allowed to print label on the packaging or on manual book.
  5. Regarding to the electronic label, now it’s still not allowed in SDPPI, even though there is a plan to allow e-label in the future. But for now, it’s still not allowed.