What are the requirements of Indonesia SDPPI Approval Label?

After obtaining certificate, applicant needs to attach Indonesia SDPPI Approval Label, QR Code, And Warning Sign. Below are the requirements of these:

Indonesia SDPPI Approval Label

1. SDPPI Label

SDPPI Label can be affixed on unit or packaging (optional). And label mentions SDPPI certificate number and PLG ID. Below is the example of SDPPI Label


2. QR Code and warning sign.

QR code and Warning sign need to be affixed on the packaging. Below is the format of Warning sign. While for QR Code, it can be found on the certificate or by downloading the picture from the inside of applicant’s SDPPI user account,

QR code and Warning sign
Warning Sign Format
QR Code Location
QR Code Location

For your information, there is no specific requirements about size. So, as long as those labels are viewable by bare eyes, they will be accepted. And also, warning sign is exempted if the only RF spec of the device is classified as SRD (Bluetooth, Low Power Device, RFID, NFC, WPAN IEEE 802.15.4, Intelligent Transport System, and Other SRD Devices specified in regulation number 161 of 2019).

3. After QR Code, Warning Sign, and Label are attached, applicant needs to report this label in SDPPI system.

In this upload, applicant needs to take 2 pictures of each label: close up picture of label, QR code, and warning sign attached on packaging or on the device, and the full picture of the packaging or device that shows the location of these. Below is the example of the photo.

report this label in SDPPI system

After label photos are taken, applicant is mandatory to upload these photos in SDPPI system within 30 working days since certificate issuance. If after 30 working days the photos is still not uploaded yet, applicant will get 1st notification letter.

upload in SDPPI system within 30 working days

There will be 2 notification letter with grace period of each letter is 14 working days. After the grace period of two letters end, applicant will get final notification letter which means sanction.

The sanction is applicant will not be able to apply for certification for the next 2 years. Below is the grace period time table of label upload.