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Conditions when paperwork application is allowable in Indonesia SDPPI Approval

Nowadays, paperwork is allowed for all products as long as the product already has RF, EMC, and electrical safety reports which are acceptable by SDPPI.

paperwork application

Then, what’s the requirements for the reports in order to be accepted by SDPPI? These are the list:

  1. Test Report used (RF, EMC, and electrical safety) must be issued by Overseas testing labs recognized by SDPPI. The list of recognized testing lab can be found in this link. However, this link may not be accessible in any areas. If this is not accessible, you can try accessing using VPN, or contact our handler in for further assistance.
  2.  All reports issued from April 1st, 2021, onward must be digitally signed by the lab. Please remember to use actual digital signature (example is in this link or this link or any other digital signature providers), not cropped picture of someone’s signature.
  3. RF reports are mandatory to be accompanied with Test Result summaries based on SDPPI’s format. If the reports are issued from July 4th, 2021, onward, this summary must be signed by the lab who issued the RF report. We will help you to arrange this summary.

Under some cases, applicant can also use combination of test reports from overseas test lab and test report from local Lab. For example, EMC and electrical safety reports are using overseas lab’s test report, while RF we use local lab test report (by doing local test). This method is called “Partial Paperwork” or “Combination, and it is also allowed in SDPPI. For more information about this, you may contact our contact windows in: