Conditions when paperwork application is allowable in Indonesia SDPPI Approval

Previously, there were some conditions where paperwork application is allowed, which means that paperwork is not always available. But, now that the new regulation (PERMEN KOMINFO No. 7 Tahun 2018) has been officially applied since early August this year, now SDPPI has allowed paperwork application for all products.

paperwork application

However,to understand how this paperwork application works, it’s better to understand the process of SDPPI application first. As for the paperwork requirements, they are:

Moreover, below are several references in doing paperwork that could be  beneficial to consider.

  • One test report can be used by multiple companies/importers to do paperwork as long as there is authorization letter from test report owner (company “A”) for other companies to allow them to use the report for certification purposes. For example, company “A” already has RF and EMC test report for product “1”. Then, there are other companies “B”, “C”, and “D”, who want to get SDPPI certification for the same product. In this case, these companies can use test reports obtained by company “A” to apply SDPPI Certification through paperwork. But, in doing this, company “A” needs to make authorization letter for other companies to allow them using the test report for the certification purposes of product “1”.
  • Paperwork also available for device with certified RF modules. If all RF modules inside a device have been certified by SDPPI previously, then the end product can apply by using paperwork application by enclosing block diagram, circuit diagram, module test report and certificate, EMC test report of the end product, and pictures of module’s installed inside the device. Note: This paperwork application by referring to existing modular certificate is not applicable for handheld computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

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