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Public Consultation for the Upcoming Non-Cellular LPWAN Technical Regulation

The use of Non-Cellular Low Power Wide Area Network (Non-Cellular LPWAN) is getting more popular recently. Especially in this Industry 4.0 era, this type of technology is growing so quick with massive implementation in multiple sectors.

By definition, Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) is a wireless communication network that is designed to provide long-range connectivity with lower data rate and lower power consumption. This is why this type of network is perfect for Internet of Things (IoT) application, including machine-to-machine (M2M) communication or data exchange.

With this notable growth, there’s an urgency for authorities in the world to set a standard that must be followed by all LPWAN service providers to secure safety for their users. Besides, by having a standardized products consumers can get maximum result from the application of Non-cellular LPWAN devices, while at the same time preventing interference to other wireless protocols.

Non-Cellular LPWAN Standard in indonesia

Particularly in Indonesia, the authority, Directorate General of Post and Information Technology (SDPPI), has issued technical regulation for LPWAN devices in 2019, which is called PERDIRJEN SDPPI NO 3 TAHUN 2019. However, to catch up with the current technical trends, it is required to updates the current technical regulation. Therefore, on November 7th 2023 SDPPI issued a public consultation regarding the draft of Non-Cellular LPWAN Technical Regulation.

For those who wants to check SDPPI’s official announcement regarding this Non-Cellular LPWAN regulation draft, you can visit this link. Some points to be noted from this new regulations draft are:

  • Non-cellular LPWAN equipment must be permanently factory locked so that it can only work on radio frequency bands as allocated in the technical regulation.
  • Some substance that are regulated by this technical regulation draft are:
    • power supply requirements;
    • non-ionizing radiation requirements;
    • electrical safety requirements;
    • EMC requirements;
    • radio frequency requirements, with allocations:
    • 433.05 – 434.79 MHz,
    • 920 – 923 MHz, and
    • 2400 – 2483.5 MHz_
    • filter requirements; And
    • test method.

For better understanding of the points above, you can check the English translation of this new technical regulation draft in the document below. Please go to page 4 – 9 to get straight into conformity requirements.

Original source / Indonesian Language: 20231107105231-Konsultasi_Publik_RKM_STANDAR_TEKNIS_LPWAN_NONSELULER.pdf (

For those who want to participate in this public consultation, or give inputs towards this techniical regulation draft, you can drop an email to,,,, and no later than November 17th 2023.

That’s all we need to inform. Should you have any questions or inquiries regarding this matter, feel free to drop us an email on or to respective project handlers.

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