National Holiday and Public Leave Notification

Dear Valued customers and Friends. Hope this notification finds you in a good health.

We’re writing here to inform you about national and public holiday that will be happening within this week. In order to commemorate Prophet Muhammad’s Maulid [birthday of the Prophet], Indonesia has stated Thursday, October 29th 2020, as a national holiday. And then, there will be 2 other public holidays on Wednesday and Friday, October 28th and 30th 2020. So, most government and private institutions, including SDPPI and DIMULTI, will close service from October 28th – 30th 2020.

Because of that, we’re sorry if your emails, messages, or phone calls may not be answered within those time period. We’ll certainly get back to those again after we’re back to office on Monday, November 2nd 2020.

That’s all we need to announce. Should you have any concerns about this, please feel free to let us know. Be safe, and keep practicing health protocols. Take care!


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