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New EMC Parameters Applied: Conducted Emission at Telecommunication Port

Dear Valued Customers and Friends, happy New Year! We wish you all the joy and good times during new year’s holiday. Let’s welcome 2024 with a bigger hope and stronger spirits!

Today we’re reaching again to inform you that based on the information we received from testing labs, SDPPI has started to mandate full EMC testing parameters on January 1st 2024. What we meant by “full EMC test parameters” are:

  1. Radiated Emission 30 – 1000 MHz 
  2. Radiated Emission 1 – 6 GHz
  3. Conducted Emission at Main port, and
  4. Conducted Emission at Telecommunication Port

As we informed you earlier on May 2023 through this article, SDPPI planned to apply Full EMC test Parameters for local test somewhere in 2023. But, until the end of 2023, there was no news. And now at the beginning of 2024, one testing labs has confirmed that the application of this policy will be, or already, started on January 1st 2024. However, lab also confirmed that there is no official publication from SDPPI regarding this matter. The reason is because the provisions of those EMC test parameters are already exist in many recent technical regulations, only not fully applied. So when the application comes into force, the legal basis is already exist and no need additional publication.

For clearer explanation, here is the implication of this new policy:

  1. Conducted Emission measurement will be applied mandatorily for all products, except except those that are supplied by non-rechargeable battery. This means that all products, except those that are supplied by non-rechargeable battery of course, are mandatory to fulfill three EMC test parameters:
    A. Radiated Emission 30 – 1000 MHz,
    B. Radiated Emission 1 – 6 GHz, and
    C. Conducted Emission at Main port
    • Note: If the product is supplied by DC power from adapter or vehicle battery, or any other power sources, it is mandatory for applicant to provide those power sources. Currently lab only provides 12-24V/3-5A vehicle battery. So if your product is supplied by other kinds of vehicle battery, please discuss it with us prior to the sample shipping, just to make sure whether you need to provide the vehicle battery or we can provide it in our end.
  2. Besides the provisions on number 1 above, if the product has telecommunication ports such as RJ11, RJ45, or SFP, they are also mandatory to test using “Conducted Emission at Telecommunication Port” Parameter. If there are multiple types of telecommunications port, it is sufficient to test one port per telecommunication port type. For example, a product has one RJ11 ports, 2 RJ45 ports, and 8 SFP ports. In that case, it is allowed to test one RJ11, one RJ45, and one SFP ports only. Not all telecommunication ports have to be tested.

Although it is already confirmed by SDPPI that this new policy is applied manndatorily from January 1st 2024 onward, there’s still no clear information whether this will be applied to every “certification applications that are submitted from January 1st 2024 onward” or every “Testing applications that are subbmitted on January 1st 2024 onward”.

If this policy is applied to all certification applications that are submitted from January 1st 2024 onward, this means that there’s possibility for the telecommunication devices that have been tested in 2023 but not applied to the certification process yet, are also required to do additional EMC test again for conducted emission at telecommunication port parameter. Of course, this will be applied only to the product that has telecommunication ports, and in 2023 it only tested conducted and radiated emissions parameters.

But, if the policy is applied to every testing application that are submitted from January 1st 2024 onward, this means that the telecommunication products that have undergone EMC test in 2023 but not applying certification yet, are not affected. Regarding this matter, there’s still multiple interpretations in SDPPI, so at this moment, we still can not conclude.

That’s all we need to inform regarding New EMC Parameters Applied in SDPPI, especially about Conducted Emission at Telecommunication Port. If you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to drop us an email or you can reach our contact windows who has been in contact with you earlier.

Best Regards!


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