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New Regulation Draft of Antenna Telecommunication Equipment Technical Standard

Another update comes from SDPPI in the middle of last month. On October 19th, there’s another public consultation session launched by SDPPI regarding the draft of technical standard for antenna telecommunication equipment. Although this public consultation was already ended on October 30th 2023, it’s still important for us to know the content of thus regulation draft to know what will be regulated in the upcoming antenna regulation.

As we know, antenna is one important element in telecommuication system. And to provide safety as well as security for antenna users in Indoneisa, SDPPI issued draft of technical standards for antenna telecommunication products to guarantee that the antenna products distributed in Indonesia is safe and standardized.

New Regulation Draft of Antenna Telecommunication Equipment

To define what “Antenna” is referred to in this regulation, SDPPI infromed that the antenna here is passive antenna without radio units, which are built-in external antennas or other external antennas that use antenna connectors with cables or wave tubes. This definition includes:

  1. Base station antenna based on international mobile telecommunication technology standards;
  2. Microwave link antenna;
  3. Radio Local Area Network (RLAN) antenna for backhaul purposes; And
  4. Broadband wireless access antenna;

While for the Technical standards or Testing Parameters controlled in thus new draft of Antenna Telecommunication Equipment Technical Standards are:

  1. Operating frequency;
  2. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR); And
  3. Gain.

For more detailed infromation about this standard, you may find the english-translated version of this regulation draft in the document below:

Apart from technical standards, this Draft of Ministerial Decree also stipulates administrative requirements that must be fulfilled in order to apply for telecommunications equipment certificate, specifically for microwave link antennas and local area network radio antennas for backhaul purposes with a gain of more than 16 dBi.

This Draft Ministerial Decree will come into force on the stipulation date, except for technical standards of radio local area network antenna telecommunications equipment for backhaul purposes with a gain of ≤16 dBi. Specifically for this, it will come into force 6 months after this Draft Ministerial Decree comes into force.

Original source: SDPPI update regarding draft of antenna equipment technical standard

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