2019 Eid Mubarak Holiday Announcement

Dear Valued Customers and Friends. Hope this announcement finds you well.

We’re writing here to announce the national holiday that will take place really soon within this and next month.

On Thursday, May 30th 2019, we’ll be having national holiday for the ascension day of Jesus Christ. So, we’re sorry if within this holiday, your email, phone call, or message is not replied in time. We will reply them again when we come back to office on Friday, June 31st 2019.

Moreover, since this year’s Ramadhan month is approaching to its end, on behalf of PT. Dimulti Pilar Narmadi, we would like to say Happy Ramadhan and Happy Eid Mubarak for those who celebrate. Wish we can fill this holy month with joy and blessing from God almighty.

And also, to celebrate Eid Mubarak, we’ll be having another full week of national holiday from June 3rd to June 7th 2019. All offices in Indonesia including government and private office will be closed during the holiday. So, it creates possibility of delay for the running projects. Certainly, we’ll continue this after comes back to office and working again on June 10th 2019.

That’s all we need to announce. Hopefully it can be helpful to decide your next business plan. Should you have any question about this, please be free to put our contact window on call.

Best Regards!

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