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Abolition of Module Certification in SDPPI

Dear Valued Customers and Friends,

Greetings! Hope this announcements finds you well.

With the application of new regulation Number 7 year 2018 (PM Kominfo No 7 Tahun 2018) about Electronically Integrated Business Licensing, it brings several significant changes on telecommunication equipment certification practice in Indonesia. You may have noticed some of these changes as they’ve been posted in our previous articles. But, these are not all. SDPPI is still planning to issue another regulation about telecommunication equipment certification. If the newly applied regulation Number 7 year 2018 mostly regulates general rule on telecommunication practice in Indonesia and only talk narrowly about telecommunication equipment certification, this upcoming regulation is aimed to be the replacement of current Communication and Information Ministry Regulation number 18 year 2014 that specifically regulates Telecommunication Equipment Certification in a broader sense.

Based on source from the inside of SDPPI, the draft of this regulation has been finished. It’s still under ministry review now, and all it needs is just minister’s signature and stamp, before it will be actually applied. However, even though the regulation hasn’t been applied yet, some rules inside it have been applied, or at least are prepared to be applied. Some of them is the Abolition of Module Certification and the obligation of doing EMC testing for some technologies, which will be posted in separate article.

Lately, after we receiving information about EMC test obligation for some technologies, we did research to two government’s Labs that are authorized to do in-country EMC testing. From this research, we found out that one Lab stated they don’t do EMC testing on module product, only on end product. While on the other Lab, indeed, they do EMC testing on module product, in one condition: the module can operate normally without testing software during the test, which is tricky to set a condition like this. So, we reached SDPPI officer to confirm whether or not EMC testing is required to do on module product. And based on his confirmation, indeed, it’s so difficult to do EMC test on module, and shockingly, he also confirmed that module certification is no longer accepted, and telecommunication certification nowadays is only subjected to end product. 

Regarding to this new provision, we’re sorry that your request and inquiry about module certification can’t be proceeded. If client insists to do keep doing certification on their module product, please please lead them to directly certify the end product instead of certifying the module. That’s all we need to inform, if you have anything else to confirm, please be free to reach our contact windows.

Best Regards!