Abolishment of SP3 Testing Reference Letter in SDPPI

As you probably have heard, SDPPI is about to apply new regulation regarding to the telecommunication equipment certification process. So far, there’s still no official news of when this regulation is going to be applied. However, considering several changes that’s applied currently, it seems like the new regulation is about to be issued soon.

Just few days after SDPPI enforced new application documents requirement (Payment Agreement Letter), another policy was issued through SDPPI official announcement with series number 1219/SP.04.03/P/07/2018. This announcement was issued on Wednesday, August 8th 2018, and talks about the abolishment of SP3 Testing Reference Letter. Below is the scan of official announcement in SDPPI website.

Abolishment of SP3 Testing Reference Letter

Due to the application of new regulation PP No. 24 Tahun 2018 about Electronically Integrated Business Licensing Services, and SDPPI plan to officially apply new Communication and Information Ministry Regulation about  Service Licensing and Operational Provisions of Communication Equipment Certification, in which these regulations will revise the current Communication and Information Ministry Regulation number 18 Tahun 2014 about Telecommunication Equipment Certification, it’s declared that after the official issuance of those regulations, SP3 Testing Reference Letter will not be valid anymore.

While there’s still no official information about when the new regulations will be applied, the abolishment process of SP3 Testing Reference Letter has been started. As we see from the applications that we applied since August 8th 2018 (the date of this announcement issuance), SP3 Testing Reference Letter of these applications are still not issued until now. Commonly, this testing reference letter could be issued within 1 or 2 days after documents submission. And based on our source within SDPPI, these SP3 Letter hare not issued because the abolishment process has been started.

Unfortunately, this Testing Reference Letter abolishment has been started when there’s still no socialization or guidance given, especially on on how the new system will be and what to do to on going application that’s still not getting SP3 Testing Reference Letter. Therefore, at this stage, we’re still gaining as much information as we can to adapt to the new system, and find the strategic way to continue our on going projects.

Regarding to this, we’re sorry to inform you that there will be possibility of delay for all applications that are already submitted since August 8th 2018, or the applications that are ready but haven’t been submitted yet. That’s all we need to inform, if you have further question about this, please be free to contact our contact window.

Best regard.