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10 Types of Wheelchairs

Types of Wheelchairs – Do you have an elderly family member and need a wheelchair to help his mobility? 

Choosing the right wheelchair type for the elderly is an important step to maintaining their comfort and health. 

Don’t worry, Dimulti has summarized 10 wheelchairs that are suitable for the elders, as well as their specifications and advantages. 

So, let’s dive into the 10 types of wheelchairs along with their advantages!

Types of Wheelchairs

1. Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

These wheelchairs are made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or alloy, making them easy to fold and carry on trips. 

They usually have a lighter weight than a standard wheelchair, so they can be easily loaded into a car or stored indoors.

2. Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is equipped with motors and batteries to provide automatic push power to the user. 

Suitable for seniors with limited mobility or significant physical weakness, electric wheelchairs allow them to move easily without expending much energy with some models are even equipped with automatic navigation or remote control features.

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3. Ergonomic Wheelchair

The ergonomic wheelchairs are designed to provide optimal support to the user’s body. They are usually equipped with a comfortable back support, an elongated seat pad, and an ergonomically designed armrest. 

The ergonomic design helps to reduce stress on the body and prevent discomfort or injury.

4. Double-Folded Wheelchair

This wheelchair has a double folding feature that allows it to be folded twice for more compact storage. 

Suitable for elderly people living in limited space or requiring easy-to-storage wheelchairs, the double-folded wheelchair can be easily loaded into a car or stored inside without taking up much space.

5. High-Back Reclining Wheelchair

This wheelchair is designed with a high back reclining to provide additional support to the user. The high back helps maintain a good posture and reduces the pressure on the spine. 

This type of wheelchair is suitable for seniors who have posture problems or need extra back support.

6. Anti-Tip Wheelchair

Anti-tip wheelchairs are equipped with an anti-tip feature that prevents the wheelchair from turning around when crossing obstacles or uneven terrain. 

This feature provides additional safety for users, especially for those who have a high risk of falling.

Types of Wheelchairs

7. All-Terrain Wheelchair

The next on our list of types of wheelchairs is the all-terrain wheelchair.

As its name implies, the all-terrain wheelchair is equipped with sturdy and durable tires, suitable for use in a variety of fields such as soil, grass, or grass. 

The robust and stable design makes this wheelchair ideal for older people who are physically active and want to explore the environment more freely.

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8. Shower Wheelchair/Bathroom Transport Wheelchair

The shower wheelchair is specially designed for use in the bathroom, with waterproof and slip-resistant materials. 

This wheel chair allows the elderly to shower independently without worrying about safety or balance. 

It is suitable for the elders who need help while bathing but want to remain independent and self-sufficient.

9. Metal Wheelchair

The steel wheelchair is made of strong and durable steel, with a long lifespan, thus suitable for long-term use. 

With its robust and stable design, these wheelchairs can withstand weight well without damaging its structure.

10. Wheelchair with a Control Systems

These wheelchairs are equipped with a control system that can be customized to suit the mobility needs of the user. 

This feature allows the user to adjust the wheelchair according to their preferences and comfort. With a customizable control system, the user can feel comfortable and safe while using the wheels.

There you go! The different types of wheelchairs to choose for your beloved seniors!

Choosing the right wheelchair is an important step to ensure the comfort, safety, and independence of the user.

It is important to consider factors such as comfort, stability, mobility, and specific medical needs when choosing a wheelchair. 

By understanding the needs of the user and the features available, you can make a wise decision and choose the appropriate wheelchairs.

Aside from that, the quality of a wheelchair in the first place is a mandatory thing to consider.

Choose the wheelchair that already meets the Indonesian standards and have the SNI logo on it.

As the wheelchairs that are already having an SNI logo on it have already been tested for its quality and safety aspects.

The SNI Certification itself is a type of certification to ensure that every product and service is within Indonesian standards.

The products that are about to be sold and distributed in Indonesia need to undergo a series of tests. This applies to many if not all of the products including the wheelchairs.

The SNI regulation for SNI for wheelchairs is clearly stated in SNI 09-4663-1998. 

Also, not only beneficial for the Indonesian customers and bringing a peace of mind to them, the SNI certification is also quite beneficial for the business owners alike.

As having an SNI certification to your products can bring a lot of trust to your products from the Indonesian customers, and it also can be a marketing tool too!

So, if you’re a business owner that needs to certify your products with the SNI certification, kindly check this link!

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