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Types of Electric Wheelchairs

Types of Electric Wheelchairs – With an ever-growing technology,  the need for accessibility and mobility for persons with disabilities is increasingly being given priority. 

One of the innovations that has made a major contribution to this is the wheelchairs that are equipped with electronic controllers. 

These electric wheelchairs offer freedom and independence to users with varying levels of physical disabilities.

Thanks to the electronic controller, users can easily control direction, speed, and other functions with just a simple touch of a button or controller. 

So, what are the types of electric wheelchairs? Let’s dig into the explanation below!

Types of Electric Wheelchairs

Types of Electric Wheelchairs

1. Standard Electric Wheelchair

Standard electric wheelchairs are the most common choice used by many electric wheelchair users. 

They have basic features that include electronic controllers to control the speed and direction of the wheelchair, as well as the seats that are designed to provide comfort and safety. 

Standard wheelchairs are ideal for use in everyday activities such as shopping, working, or interacting with the surroundings. 

Moreover, their relatively simple design makes them suitable for use indoors and on flat roads.

2. Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Folding wheelchairs are an ideal solution for users who need ease of storage and transportation. 

They are equipped with foldable frames, so users can easily carry their wheelchairs while traveling or store them if they have a limited space, such as in a car or inside a home. 

The main advantage of folding wheels is its flexibility, which allows users to remain active and independent without being constrained by storage or transport restrictions.

3. Outdoor Electric Wheelchair

The next one is the outdoor electric wheelchair, as its name implies, this type of electric wheelchair is specially designed for outdoor activities. 

The outdoor wheelchairs are equipped with larger and more powerful tires, as well as a sturdy and durable frame to cope with challenges such as uneven ground, sandy ground, or rough streets. 

These features make outdoor wheelchairs an ideal choice for those who like to explore nature or participate in outdoor activities such as a walk in the park or a family picnic.

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4. Sport Electric Wheelchair

Sports wheelchairs are designed for users who are active in sports or recreational activities. 

They have aerodynamic designs, lightweight, and special features such as larger wheels and durable materials to increase the speed of the wheelchair. 

Sport wheelchair allows users to engage in a variety of activities, ranging from wheelchair racing to playing basketball, with optimal performance without sacrificing the user’s comfort.

5. All-Terrain Electric Wheelchair

These types of wheelchairs are specially designed to handle difficult and uneven terrain such as rocky soil, snow, or hiking trails. 

They are equipped with special features such as strong suspension and tires that are designed for maximum traction in a variety of conditions.

All-terrain wheelchairs give users the freedom to explore diverse environments with maximum safety and comfort.

6. Bariatric Electric Wheelchair

Bariatric wheelchairs are specially designed for users with a heavier weight. They have a robust and reinforced frame as well as a wider and stronger seat to provide the comfort and support needed.

7. Pediatric Wheelchair

Pediatric wheelchairs are an ideal choice for children with limited mobility. They have smaller sizes and special features that are safe and comfortable to provide the right support to these young users. 

Pediatric wheelchair not only helps children to stay active and engage in a variety of activities, but also supports their physical and emotional development positively.

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So there you are the 7 types of electric wheelchairs that suit you for your every condition and activities!

The electric wheelchair might be convenient, easy-to-use and can provide maximum mobility for whoever is needed.

But aside from the types of electric wheelchairs that are available to choose that you can consider, the safety and also quality of electric wheelchair is one thing that cannot be forgotten.

Be sure to choose an electric wheelchair with the SNI certification to ensure that the electric wheelchair that you choose is high quality and safe enough to use.

The SNI certification is the type of certification that regulates all the products and services safety and quality aspects in Indonesia.

This include wheelchairs, and as for the wheelchair itself, the regulation is clearly stated in SNI 09-4663-1998.

Also, if you’re a business owner, the SNI certification also has a lot of benefits for your business. Because having an SNI logo on your products can easily boost the trust from Indonesian market for your products!

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