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SNI Document Requirements

SNI Document Requirements

Basically, SNI document requirements is divided into three: Application forms, local representative (applicant) legal documents, and technical documents.


Application form is one of SNI document requirements. About application form, there is no fixed list as this depends on the SNI certification body (CB) that we use to proceed the application. So, the exact list will be figured out after it’s decided which CB to use.


As we know, in doing SNI, there should be one local representative mentioned on the certificate. The role of this LR is as the one who will be responsible of the product in Indonesia. So, in case there is something happen in the future, authority knows who to contact.

Local representative here can be the distributor, importer, local brand representative, or any other party. And during the process, local representative is mandatory to submit SNI document requirements, including legal documents. Common documents that need to be submitted are:

  • Copy of Company Notary Deed
  • Photocopy of business registration number (SIUP, TDP, and NIB)
  • Copy of Tax Payer ID (NPWP)
  • Trademark Registration Letter from the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights / Trademark Certificate (Sertifikat Pendaftaran Merk from DITJEN HKI)
  • Brand Transfer Certificate or cooperation letter between brand owner and Local Representative (Only if applicant/Local Representative is not brand owner)
  • Company Organization Chart approved by the Chairperson
  • Importer Identification Number (API) (if applicant/local representative is not manufacturer)
  • Copy of Quality Management System Certificate or other management certificate

Please be informed that some CB may request for other legal documents.


  • Factory legal documents; translated to Indonesian language
  • Industrial permit; translated to Indonesian language
  • Factory Organizational Chart ; translated to Indonesian language
  • Factory Company Profile
  • Company Layout
  • Circuit Diagram
  • A copy of valid Certificate of Management System ISO 9001 or equivalent “Documents of ISO 9001:2015
  • Copy of Quality Manual ; translated to Indonesian language
  • Copy of Master List Document; translated to Indonesian language
  • Copy of QC/QA Flow Chart; translated to Indonesian language
  • Copy of Organization Chart and Job Description; translated to Indonesian language
  • Copy of Risk Analysis; translated to Indonesian language
  • Artwork/design of SNI marking on the product and packaging; translated to Indonesian language
  • Product specification for each model
  • Photos of product, including wiring diagram picture
  • Instruction Manual (User Manual) in Indonesia language; translated to Indonesian language
  • Installation Manual in Indonesia language; translated to Indonesian language
  • CB Report (if any)
  • BOM List
  • List of Production equipment of the factory (draft attached)
  • List of Testing equipment of the factory (draft attached)
  • List of main component and its detail information with formal like table below:
No Component/Material Manufacturer/Trademark Type / Model Technical Data Standard Applied Mark(s) of Conformity

That’s all about SNI document requirements. Please be informed that the list above is not the fixed one because each certification body has its own required document list. So, should you have any inquiry about this matter, just contact our contact windows.