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How to Choose the Right Car Jacks that Suit Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Car Jacks that Suit Your Needs – After discovering the types of car jacks in our previous article, let’s dive into how to choose the right car jacks for you!

There are few things to consider in choosing the car jacks, including its weight capacity, its maximum height and many more.

So, if you feel confused about how to choose the right car jacks, let’s dive deeper into our article!

How to Choose the Right Car Jacks that Suit Your Needs

1. Consider Its Maximum Weight Capacity

As we mentioned before, the one thing and probably the most important thing to consider before you choose a car jacks is check for its maximum weight capacity,

Make sure the jack has enough lifting capacity for your car. Check the weight of your car and choose a jack that has the biggest lift capacity than your vehicle’s weight.

2. Consider Its Maximum Height and Its Overall Dimension

Consider the maximum height of the jacks, as well as its physical size. Make sure it can reach a height that is enough for you to reach the bottom of your car.

Aside from that, make sure to choose the jacks that have the right dimension, so it can easily be stored in your car’s trunk or your garage.

3. Check For Its Material and Safety Feature

Choose a jack that is made of high-quality materials and has security features such as strong locking and emergency protection mechanisms. 

Be sure to also buy from a trusted brand and have tested its reliability.

Also, the one thing that you should consider is the presence of the SNI logo on your car jacks.

The SNI logo is a sign that the product has already undergone a series of rigorous tests to ensure its safety and quality.

The SNI certification itself is a type of certification that consists of a series of regulations that are used to control, regulate, and set a standard to every product and service that is sold in the Indonesian market.

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4. Portability

The next thing to consider in choosing a car jack is its portability.

The car jacks are mainly used in a dire and emergency situation such as if your car is broken, or you suddenly and unexpectedly have a flat tire while on the road.

The car jacks can be a life-saver to help you fix things up and by having a car jack around inside your trunk can be useful. So, choose the car jacks that have a great portability.

5. Compatibility

Make sure the jack you choose is compatible with your car. 

Check the type and model of your car as well as the specifications of the jack that you are going to buy to make sure it can be used safely and effectively on your vehicle. 

This will minimize the risk of damage to your car and ensure your safety while using jacks.

So there you go an article on how to choose the right car jacks that will suit all of your needs!

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