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7 Benefits of Using an Electric Wheelchair

What are the benefits of using an electric wheelchair compared to using a conventional wheelchair? Get the answer in our article now!

The development of technology has brought us more convenience in every aspect of our life.

This is not excluded in the world of wheelchairs, as electric wheelchairs are already being a staple and most chosen way to help those with physical disabilities.

There are a lot of benefits of using an electric wheelchair compared to using a conventional wheelchair? Let’s get into it!

Benefits of Using an Electric Wheelchair

1. Independence

The electric wheelchair allows users to move independently without relying on the help of others or their own power. 

Through the electronic controller, users can easily adjust the direction and speed of the wheelchairs, improving their independence and quality of life.

2. Comfort

Electric wheelchairs are often equipped with more comfortable seats and can be electronically adjusted to support optimal posture. 

This helps reduce the risk of scratches or pressure wounds on the skin, as well as provide better comfort during long-term use.

3. Durable

Electric wheelchairs are generally constructed from stronger and more powerful materials, thus able to handle larger loads and more varied field conditions. 

This makes them more reliable and durable in everyday use, both indoors and outdoors.

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4. Maneuverability

Compared to a regular wheelchair that relies on the power of the user, the electric wheelchairs offer better maneuverability. 

Users can easily set directions in narrow or twisted spaces easily, increasing their flexibility and freedom of movement.

5. Efficiency

Despite using battery power, electric wheelchairs are often more energy-efficient than regular wheels that rely on the physical power of users. 

This can reduce the exhaustion experienced by users, allowing them to explore the environment longer and more comfortably.

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6. Safety

The electric wheelchairs usually have a much lower center of gravity, thus making it less likely to tip over.

Especially when moving outdoors, the electric wheelchair is much more stable when confronted by bumps or debris on the road or other terrains.

7. Easy of Use

The electric wheelchairs are ideal for indoor use because of their compact design and anti-tilt wheels. 

Electric wheelchairs make life easier for people with disabilities or unable to move. They can move by simply pressing a button or lever.

So there you are! The 7 benefits of using an electric wheelchair!

The electric wheelchair might be convenient, easy-to-use and can provide maximum mobility for whoever is needed. But you also need to remember that the safety and also quality of electric wheelchairs is one thing that cannot be forgotten.

Be sure to choose an electric wheelchair with the SNI certification to ensure that the electric wheelchair that you choose is high quality and safe enough to use.

The SNI certification is the type of certification that regulates all the products and services safety and quality aspects in Indonesia.

This includes wheelchairs, and as for the wheelchair itself, the regulation is clearly stated in SNI 09-4663-1998.
Also, if you’re a business owner, the SNI certification also has a lot of benefits for your business. Because having an SNI logo on your products can easily boost the trust from the Indonesian market for your products!

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